Friday, September 4, 2009

So it looks like Ohio won't happen. At least not this year. Delta turned us both down; we had applied to work at the Cincinnati Airport after we decided the job David was holding out for wasn't going to happen anytime soon. They didn't say why, other than we're under qualified? I'm sure it was our lack of Call center experience.
But I'm definitely ok with that. The concept of moving had me all stressed and I was already missing my family. Besides, conflict with customers really freaks me out. I'm still shaking from refusing to cash a check about a half hour ago. So, a call center may not be the best place for me.
Now we're hoping for our home equity line of credit to be approved so we can increase the equity of our house. Pocatello might be our next endeavour, so we're trying to get a little more prepared this time.

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